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Rules of conduct

「1」Speak English.

If it's not your native language, then please use a translator.

「2」No Cheating.

Using cheat clients or Xray mods is not allowed if reported or found by anay staff the player will get banned.

「3」No griefing.

If it's not your property, you should not touch it.

「4」Do not evade a ban or mute.

Joining from an alt account after getting punished to bypass the punishment will increase your punishment period.

「5」No inappropriate skins/capes.

Using inappropriate skins or Optifine capes are prohibited and will result in a ban.

「6」Be respectful to everyone.

Classism, Racism, Sexism, and Ageism, really all the -isms are ban-worthy. Respect is a priority on this server, treat others the way you’d want to be treated.

「7」No harassing.

Do not personally attack someone. Act civil, swearing is allowed, but don't direct it at someone who is not okay with it. Swearing in threads isn't disallowed, but directing it towards someone is.

「8」No prohibited content.

We ask everyone to exercise general common sense. If you know something shouldn't be posted or said, don't do it. This includes ear rape, seizure images, NSFW, and all variations of slurs.

「9」No advertisements.

No links allowed! Direct and indirect advertising will lead to a ip-ban.

「10」No spam/text walls/wiggle wiggle/reaction spam/excess capitalizations.

No text walls or a large(i mean really large) paragraphs of text. Make a ticket or Pastebin/Pastie to post a large block of text if it is really important to tell the staff.

「11」No begging.

No begging. Asking nicely once or twice is acceptable.

「12」Use forum category for its given purpose.

Use forum category for their intended purposes only, for example: making a ban appeal in showcase.

「13」NO flashy content.

Please, do not spam or even send ANY flashing emoji, image or video, because there might be some people with epilepsy. So please at least try to put that emojis, images, or videos to a spoiler.

「14」Be Mature.

You are expected to be mature and control your behavior in a manner that adheres to basic human decency. If you are unable to do this you will be removed from the community.

「15」Suicidal Encouragement.

"Kill yourself" jokes are neither funny nor cool if such conversations reported or seen by staff it will lead to administrative action.

「16」Do not mini-mod.

We can understand that you are trying to help by solving an argument but mini-modding creates more problems than solutions. So please try to avoid it and instead report to a staff member.

「17」Impersonating and misleading.

Impersonating and misleading new members are strictly not allowed.

「18」IRL trading.

Trading any online item whether its Sven's economy coins (discord) or in-game stuff with real money is strictly not allowed, if reported or found by staff it will lead to administrative action.

「19」Dont be mean.

Be kind and patient with one another. Rude behavior isn't cool, and remember we were all newbies once!

「20」Do not use IP/Token grabbers.

Sending links via DMs or in threads which contain IP/Token grabbers are ban-worthy, beware of unknown users DMing you suspicious links and report them to staff.

「21」Keep nicknames/usernames appropriate.

Keep your name appropriate. If your username contains material we find to be inappropriate, we'll ask you to change it before kicking you from the server or banning you from forums. You can rejoin the server once you've changed it. If it happens twice, you will be blacklisted.

「22」Do not talk about hacks/cheats/piracy.

Trying to flex your knowledge about cheats and cracks? this is not the right place mate. We will not tolerate such stuff.

「23」Follow Minecraft's "HOW TO STAY SAFE ONLINE"

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