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Donate Us

We accept donations now! you can wholeheartedly donate us 1$+ amount which will grant you a shiny Donator role in our discord server, minecraft server and website, but here we have an exception, to unlock all our donator perks you must donate 5$+

Donator Perks:

  • Donator rank in MC, Discord server and website.
  • 2 factor authentication : to protect your precious account from getting spoofed.
  • 4 Home slots.
  • 1 Player warp.
  • /echest or /ec : portable Ender chest.
  • /glow gold : you will glow in gold.
  • /nick : change your nickname.
  • /rename : Rename items in your hand without anvil.
  • /point : cool looking partical laser.
  • and we will add more perks over the time.

Note: we will add more perks soon related to Skyblock, Bedwars and cosmetics.


How to donate:

you can donate via any UPI method available to following id and after that please make a ticket in our discord server and allow us minimun 1 hour to provide you all the perks.

(to donate via paypal please contact us on Discord)

UPI: taggernation@paytm