Admin letter | Phase 1 release

Dear Taggernation Community,

I saw many people talking about the Earth map saying the map is bad, there are no villages, desert temples, monuments,jungle biome everywhere.
i can understand your concern but don't worry i already mentioned a solution for this in changelogs which is Industrial District, Industrial District is a warp to another multiverse where you will get to see a complete Vanilla world with all vanilla features like villages, ocean monuments, desert temples and even new 1.16 structures like ruined portal, and we will make that warp public very soon and also you will get world seed of that warp so you can find the structures with web applications like Chunkbase.
And the reason behind why earth map dose not have any vanilla structures is because its a custom map made in World painter with custom scripts that is why vanilla features are not possible to add without external mods or plugins.

I hope to see you all having fun with this earth scale map.
Thank you.