Guide Staff Rules

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New Updated Staff Rules

A newly updated version of staff rules. if you're a staff already on the server you will be forced to follow these from now. if you looking to apply for staff these are the rules you may follow.

Staff Rules ( Must Follow )
  • No staff can be away more than 5 days, unless told by the Manager, Co-owners, Owner
  • We respect you're doing a community work, but to maintain the server and to get the server bugs to be fixed. we will need to remove you as you have been offline for long time, if your got demoted you have your rights to present us your reason. if its a fare reason you will get the rank back
  • No staff abusement
  • Any abusement on the server will be in result of a ban and remove from staff team
  • Give respect to Members
  • Respecting a Member/player/guest is the important part of being a staff. keep in mind if you forgot to give respect to a member/player/guest you will get removed from the staff at the moment of the report.
  • Act mature when your on duty
  • We don't mind if you have a good time on the server with your friend or someone. but when your on duty we request you to be acting more mature to maintain a good respect around.
  • No use of any swear words
  • Any rank you have. you are not allowed to use swear words or any inappropriate words
  • Don't blame another staff member, you have the responsibility as well
  • Get your works done in time.
  • Being online
  • You must be online for at least 2-3 hours daily if in case if you can't be online you have to tell a higher staff ( Admin/owner ) as told above .
  • Vote daily
  • You are requested to Vote for both snapshot and main server daily to help the server to grow

We know you're doing a community work we appreciate it. but to keep things in our hands we have to make some rules :)

thank you, your buddy!


Ok this looks good bloody it' great to have u back after a long time xd I'll be back in work 2 days later so yeah wait for me!