Staff Application

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Jun 30, 2018
Minecraft username ( IGN )
Q:Your Real name?


Q:Minecraft Username?

Q:Contact Details?

Q:Time zone?
9:50 AM
Sunday, 1 July 2018 (IST)
Time in Talod, Gujarat

Q:What rank/role are YOU aiming for?

Q:What/who inspired you to apply for the rank you are aiming for?
you know i love being. The thing is that i want to help the server. When Edward is online when i say "hi". He says "too busy bro talk to u later. this server needs strict,happy and friendly staff no one will be do abuse. I wanted to helper but i thought that let just take medium difficulty and start slowly. i love ranks. i was inspierd by my old freinds ed and sam.
credits to all old staffs.

Q:Why should we accept you?
Ummm.... you that i will not feel bad that u will reject or accept. You know i just say it i'll be honest. That i love commands just does not work on single player.

Q: Previous Experiences?
yeah i have on awsommkk server. that server was very good at that time. I have a builder rank at that Time. Then suddenly after 2 or 4 months(idk) it just shuted down or i dont know. then it was a new server domnic server which i didnt like.

Q:Tell us about Start Moderation management administration and Operating a server.
all the members,staff,admins,owners are friendly

Q:Your Age maturity personality and behaviour.
i am 14 8/10/2004 and when i talk to somebody they say that i am nice. See i am not proud of my self. If someone says i am bad that means i am only bad for him not for everyone.
i can feel if my freinds are in trouble or any kind of problems. My life is just my family and friends.

Q:Is your account Premium/Cracked?
cracked and premium

Q:What Mods/Add-ons you use for Minecraft?
14 mods and optifine for smooth minecraft
May 15, 2018
Minecraft username ( IGN )
hmm man u made a lot of mistakes there
in the q: is your acc premium you said its both ... the question is 'is the account you use (that's "batman")
premium or not

Q:Tell us about Start Moderation management administration and Operating a server.
means to say about stuff you know about management administration and operating a server... :(

and is your real name hit? if so the initials would be appreciated too ;)
Likes: RX-terminator