Accepted Staff Application

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Apr 8, 2018
Minecraft username ( IGN )
Staff Application

Q:Your Real name?

Shriram Krithik

Q:Minecraft Username?


Q:Contact Details?


Q:Time zone?

IST (Indian Standard Time)

Q:What rank/role are YOU aiming for?


Q:What/who inspired you to apply for the rank you are aiming for?
Before a year ago i was playing on Indian server, next year I found this server on
The top of Indian Hosted Servers and I joined the server Sam,Rudra,and Intel* welcome
Me in sky block and Indel was AFK.And I enjoyed playing old survivel with my
Friends cool servers asume players!

Q:Why should we accept you?

i want you to accept me because i want to help the server, and make it beug free. I would help
Every one that need of help.Im good at setting up plugins.

Q: Previous Experiences?

Yes,i was a Admin on a server called serverpros. but we were just settuping the server and making portals that only works for admin but we had trouble when we were realeased the server has no games than plugins i don't know why they demoted me and poor owner he doesn't know how to do it so he removed some settings and I can use sum commands.

Q:Tell us about Start Moderation management administration and Operating a server.

A staff member should work for the server so the server can grow and be known,Also they should be respectful to other players and not abuse their Powers of being a "Staff". I can help out with setting up maps and plugins.

Q:Your Age maturity personality and behaviour.

I'm 14 and i am kind of Active and respectful to other players. I am now playing minecraft for 6 years now !
And good at building read stone.

Q:Is your account Premium/Cracked?

Cracked for safety I have a alt

Q:What Mods/Add-ons you use for Minecraft?

i just use Optifine or I use any other things my PC RIP.


Staff member
Server manager
Jan 2, 2018
Inter is Thare any mistakes
Yes theres alot of spelling mistakes, but you have improved in your details in the application.
I'm happy to say this is the beginning of your staff life.
I'm sorry to say that, everyone starts at Helper.
Your rank will be set in all servers, I can't help your rank in hub, so please ask owners to make your rank to helper.
Also, english is the most used language to communicate, I hope you can improve on your english and improve on your spelling mistakes. English can make it a huge difference terms to when your talking to people so that people will understand what youre talking about, but remember , try to help other staffs or players if they need help.

Accepted and Locked
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