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Simply a name to call you which is much more formal than their IGN.


Server in game name, (username that you use).

Contact information [Email, Skype etc.]?

If need how can we contact you.

Location & time zone?

Just to give us an idea of your timing and when u are available.

What position are you aiming for?

What position are you aiming/looking for?


Age is always important. We want to know if we are hiring a 6 year old to take on lots of responsibility.


Dedication is vital for a good server. You must be active and have a fair amount of time to show that you are serious about the server and you are trustworthy.

How mature are you?

Maturity is an important factor too. We want to know how mature you can possible be when it comes down to responsibility.

Why should We accept you?

This is probably the most important section of the application. We want to know what you as a player can offer to the server. It also gives us a good view of how capable you are.

Have you been banned before, and if yes, what for?

We want to know if you have possibly been banned before and what for, simply because we do not want a griefer having access to modify the server.

Proof of work?

This section is usually for builders or anything to do with helping a server with builds, but I would always implement this in my applications as it gives us a good view of what I you are capable of and the types of things you can offer to the server.

Previous experience, and if yes, please provide the IPs?

This is an important section as well. We want to know if you have been staff on any other servers before ours and if your still on them, how would you be able to be active and how often?

Any additional info?

Any additional information that we need to know or that you want to tell us about?​
Not open for further replies.