Accepted Recton3's Application

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Nov 10, 2017
Q:Your (REAL) name?

Q:Minecraft Username?

Q: Contact details?



Q:Time zone?
GMT+8 This is the Hong Kong timezone.

Q:What rank/role are YOU aiming for?
Helper. I would like to gain trust and rank the way up to the Admin's role.

Q:What/Who inspired you to apply for the rank you are aiming for?
My cousin. He used to be a staff here on this server.

Q:Why should we accept you?
I am confident and active. I have a lot of talents being an admin as well being a builder. But I don't feel like building anymore. I am a disciplined staff; unlike the others.

Q: previous Experiences?
I've been a staff with my friends and others. I've at least applied for 20 servers in my staff career. I've been a staff for 3 years today.

Q:Tell us about Start Moderation management administration and Operating a server.
Staffs are important to the server. It is one of the main things building a server. Like builders, helper etcetera. Operating a server is harder than it seems. You need to code or downloading a plugin if you want to make things simpler. Being a staff have to be polite, disciplined. It is very important to respect other staff members; especially members or people new to the server.
This is the objective or task staffs have to do.
**Keep in mind, it may not be right or some tasks are missing.**

Keep the chat clean.
Notice the Mods+ that there are hackers
Kick rule breakers.
Mute disrespectful players behaviour.
Help new players on the server.

Experience the taste being a mod.
Learn from their mistakes.
Improve their skills being a mod.
Ban hackers (optional)

Ban hackers
Improve the servers.
Look for bugs or improvements (if found bugs or etcetera, they report it to the developers or admins.

Give tasks to Mod or lower
Edit programs in the console (optional)
Ban hackers

Find Bugs
Fix bugs
Improve the server

Owns the server
Pays the bill
If anything that is caused, the owner is responsible.

Q:Your Age maturity personality and behaviour.
13. I take things sometimes a bit too seriously. But not always. I sometimes love to have fun (but not in an immature way).

Q:Is your account Premium/Cracked?
My account is premium.

Q:What Mods/Add-ons you use for Minecraft?
I use the 5zig mod. It is a pvp mod. Not close to any hacked client.


Staff member
Server manager
Jan 2, 2018
nice app. you got good information there, but may i ask you a question, so basically, you told me that your recton's cousin, can you like open another account for identifying you and you have the rank called "manager" on ur forums account. Application accepted and locked
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