Recton3's Application.

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Nov 10, 2017
**Note that name and age is given to Edward. Thank you**

Q.3| Discord Nitro or Hypesquad?
I don't have Discord Nitro either Hypersquad. Sorry. I feel like it's a waste of money getting Nitro & Hypersquad. I can use skype and discord ONLY - noted that.

Q.4| Information about yourself? This is not Recton (from before) I'm his cousin. My uncle is working. So he can't play minecraft. We live in the same house as well. If you need him you can contact me. But I started playing minecraft longer than him. I'm 13 and I go to secondary school. Going to year 9 this year (Grade 8) and I have a lot of interest on your server.

Q.5| Why should we accept you? I have 3 years of experience being a staff. Personally with my friends. Throughout these 3 years. Me and my friend developed a stable server. We later stopped it because my friend's parent divorced. I stopped playing minecraft for a few months. I later came back, hearing you guys needing help. So I would love to during my summer time. I can spend a lot of time on this server. I am known to edit codes ( I don't know how to code ) doing ranks (PEX) building and ect. I am more a staff person; not a player.