PLANS FOR THE UPCOMING UPDATES------[by the end of april]

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hey TN members!

as you all know about TN and its recent growth to 10 players at peek.we can conclude that "TN has grown(barely)"
we want it to hit 50 and above so we aka myself and Edward made a plan

1.we inform the community about the following changes.
2.we create a new skyblock server with updated and optimized skyblock mechanics
3.we remove the old skyblock within april 30 or may 1
4.empty servers will be removed example factions
5.minor optimizations to server mechanics. last we keep the following servers:
7.we make the network 1.8 to 1.12 again!
8.donations will open once we hit 30 regular players.
9.expansion of staff can start when we hit 100 players and above.
10.we (owners) take some rest and let the server run for a while and we play with you guys xd no more being godly :eek:

phew....that was a huge list. well we are way over that.

so this is the plans we (owners) have for TN and for its future development.
as rudra30 has been fired from staff,there is no stopping us from developing TN into a bug free and fun network!.

i give massive credit for these staff who shown their best effort and the staff who will show in future!

meAlien (skyblock dev)
Fildon_Prime(gloabal dev)
the moderators
last but not least! Manager CasuallyCrying! (name is a bit cringey)

i show you guys the greatest gratitude and respect for you guys and i hope you contribute the same in future!

~[CO OWNER]SandwichSam