Rejected nithogg's Application

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Apr 21, 2018
Minecraft username ( IGN )
Q: Your (REAL) name?

Q: Minecraft Username?

Q: Contact details?

Discord: nithogg#3794

Q: Time zone?
GMT+5:30 standard IST.

Q: What rank/role are YOU aiming for?
Helper seems to be a good place to start right now. I would like to prove myself first to the members of the server.

Q: What/Who inspired you to apply for the rank you are aiming for?
No one really. I like all the moderators on the server, and I kinda wanna help out with this server. It is the only good Indian based server out there, and I would like it to grow.

Q: Why should we accept you?
Well, I know some stuff with the game, not much of 1.13 though. I like to help people out, and really would like this server to grow. In terms of skills, I have basic know how of how the game works and some properties about it. I am good with farms and rudimentary machines, and am learning complex redstone.

Q: previous Experiences?

Taggernations is the first server that I intend to apply for, so I have no experience as a moderator.

Q: Tell us about Start Moderation management administration and Operating a server.

Well, I feel that Staff members should be nice to people, especially those who are new to the game, or the server, but not the kind to hold their hand through everything. I feel that Staff are people to give people a push to get better at the game, while maintaining order in the game. I believe that that is the main priority of a Helper staff. Ensuring fairness in the server, and watching out for griefers/hackers is another important duty of the staff, as they tend to ruin the game experience for everyone.
Another duty of a staff member is to not overstretch their boundaries, and abuse the power given to them, and that they should listen to advise from both higher up and other members in order to improve their own skills in maintaining the server.

Q: Your Age maturity personality and behaviour.
I'm 18, and I feel that I'm mature enough to handle a situation when needed.

Q: Is your account Premium/Cracked?
I'm a Cracked account

Q: What Mods/Add-ons you use for Minecraft?
Just Optifine.


Staff member
Server manager
Jan 2, 2018
Sorry but... We have stopped recruiting staffs.
We will recruit staffs back when we are in need of staffs.
Hope you can get accepted when we starting to recruit staffs and get in the Cool Kids Club
- Inter
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