Lookong for a developer


I'm bloodysniper aka hawksston. And we taggernationd having trouble these days without a proper protection. On server side (Linux). We/me looking for a developer who can manage to configure a control panel to our server. And a person who can develop plugins. As these days I'm (bloodysniper) have no time to work on the server. I like to a point someone who good at this. It maybe a new person or a old person.

* what you will get
- full SSH access anytime
(I think having ssh will give you all.)

* keep in mind
- destroying server files won't make any damage to us. As we have backup always

. - leaking server files also will not a damage to us.

. - using our server files to your own personal servers is prohibited

the person who trying apply for this rank/position must apply normally on staff application section

. Link --> https://taggernation.com/index.php?forums/staff-application.5/

. - the application must be full with mature answers

good luck!
if you have more questions contact bloody sniper on forum

thank you! Your buddy


YO bro i can be a web dev and am pretty good at controling linux server having good experience of 2 year and more