Helper applications open/new staff policies [2018]

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Hey it's Nighthawk
And this is a post regarding:

Helper applications and STAFF POLICIES

As you all know we are opening applications for helper and NO OTHER RANK

Because of the shortage of USRFUL

I'm here to inform you that apply if you think you can DO SOMTHING ON TN rather than waste our time.

Don't apply with stupid answers.

That's all for helper.

Staff policies:

This is extremely IMPORTANT!

Try to fix any bug you find and if your effort ends unsuccessful then report to the higher authorities like manager developer etc and DO NOT REPORT TO OWNERS!

We have plenty of other stuff to do while we are gone.

Members have full authority to report any foul behaviour you inhabit and any high profile major issue should NOT be reported PUBLICLY.

Report major issues to owners / developers via DM in discord and not in server.

Breaking rules = punishment Evan for STAFF

Keep the promises you make in your application till the end.

DO NOT MAKE STUPID DRAMA AND SHIT about your demotion and other punishments.

It will result in ban from website ban room discord and IP BAN ON SERVER!

Always follow higher staff's sayings without objection and if they ask you to do something extremely bad or something you don't want to do then feel free to report to owners.

NEVER EVER EVER think yourself as a higher than members. As members are a completely different from staff as they posses some rights which staff don't have.

Thank you for spareing your time.



hey its a good thing! but please try xd i see no votes in any voting sites