Rejected GamerX192’s Application

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Mar 29, 2018
Hey it’s me GamerX192 again and I’m here to apply for Moderator on your server and well I’m already Helper. So my application is as follows

Q.1| Your Name?
A: Aradhya Patairiya

Q.2| Your Contact IDs?

A: I am on discord and my name is GamerX192#5820

Q.3| Discord Nitro or Hypesquad?

A: No I am neither on nitro nor on Hypesquad.

Q.4| Information about yourself?
A: I’m polite to my members and try to solve problems at any costs. I always try to help people by doing everything I can.

Q.5| Why should we accept you?
A: As I’m already Helper so I had written before that I’m good at catching hackers and have a lot of experience needed for maintaining a server. I do everything to make our members happy. I want to give new players a good start.

Q.6|Your Age?
A: Sorry but I never tell my real age to anyone but I’m 20+


Staff member
Server manager
Jan 2, 2018
Since your already a staff of this server, application will not be allowed, unless you want to apply for builder, one thing, applying for promotion isn't a THING. If you want to get promoted, please work hard and let us see your work on moderating the server. Locked And Rejected
Not open for further replies.