Accepted Discord staff application

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May 10, 2018
Minecraft username ( IGN )
Name : Adam

Contact ID's : Instagram = Lost_deep_in_thought or Discord @Xagger#7394

Nitro or Hypesquad : Neither

Information of yourself : I Am a 14 year old male that is very serious towards my job and staffing. I Love working on staff teams, as i have in the past, i am currently a partner on the discord server and i absolutely love working with you.

Why should you accept me : I feel you should accept me because i am hard working, and have a deep passion for keeping the media clean from all things that break rules.

tell almost everything about yourself : I am a 14 year old male that lives in England, and stays up really late, so i would do almost 24hr work. I Love working with others and helping the community. I love working with the community. My name is Adam and i work extremely hard with helping the community.

Why should be accept you? : you should accept me, because as said before, i work extremely hard with everything and love helping the community. I also love communicating with others, helping others, with whatever situation they are in.

What is your age? : 14
Likes: Vaazan