Guide Discord Staff application Template | TAGGERNATION

Q.1| Your Name?

A: Your real life Name. (important)
Q.2| Your Contact IDs?

A: email ID skype facebook instagram snapchat are optional but IMPORTANTLY DISCORD ID is necessary.
Q.3| Discord Nitro or Hypesquad?

A: Do you have Discord Nitro/Hypesquad? we are asking this because some nitro and hypesquad users are prone to go offline due to discord events which they should visit.
Q.4| Information about yourself?

A: Tell almost everything about yourself. (take your time in writing this)
Q.5| Why should we accept you?

A: Give a verry strong explaination on why should we accept you among other applicants.
Q.6|Your Age?

A: your correct age is necessary as we must know your charecter and aliases.
Only apply if you have what it takes and if youre serious. don't mess around with mattars related to this as it will waste other staff's time. and action will be taken.
if youre private about your name or info about your self then just DM me the missing details. [ill keep it a secret :)]

My Discord ID: §ãm_#1355
[just copy and paste :p]