Developers and Builders!

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As you know we started again with a new name (TaggerNations). Im (bloodySniper) i think if we start a good team the server will be last for a long time. for that we will be requesting Builders and Developers. so if you interested please follow these Steps

* For Developer
  • Developers no need to be expert in cording. but they must good with configuring Plugins and maintain them
  • Developers must not take advantage with there permissions to access server Files as a result you will be banned and the files you have messed with will be restored!
  • Developers will be treated as a admin in server. so they will have same Admin Rank and a suffix as [D]
  • Admins will not get any access to server files so take this chances to be a Developer
  • keep in mind you must agree to work on this server at anytime
  • Keep in mind you will never use your power without permission

* For builders
  • Applying for Builders will be give you a respected rank in the server.
  • Rank will Have Full access to World Edit and in some servers you will have access to voxel sniper
  • Your rank will be member but the suffix will be . for sure you will get a special Member rank ( that no other has )
    [*]Builders are the most respected People in the server/Discord and Website

keep in mind as you apply for this application you will agree to all these above. Thank you for your time.

your buddy BoodySniper
Dude your idea of the prefixes are bad they are shit maybe simple [Developer]
And [Builder] is good