Accepted Developer Application

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Q: Your (REAL) name?

Rithik Kumar S

Q: Minecraft Username?


Q: Contact details?

Skype: rithikthekidmc
Discord: Rithik the gr8#7656

Q: Time zone?

Indian Standard Time (GMT +5:30)

Q: What rank/role are YOU aiming for?


Q: What/Who inspired you to apply for the rank you are aiming for?

The thought of making plugins, and fixing bugs for a server that's hosted so close to me and I play frequently on is what inspired me to apply for developer. More over, this is one of my most favorite servers.

Q:Why should we accept you?

I love coding, especially in Java, which also happens to be the same language Minecraft, and Minecraft servers are coded in, so I am a bit of an expert when it comes to coding in Java. So, I believe I could make custom plugins for this server and hopefully fix a few bugs too.

Q: previous Experiences?

I was a moderator in the server 'Reborncraft' (which is ironically dead now), IP:

Q:Tell us about Start Moderation management administration and Operating a server.

As a staff member, I know that it is my duty to make sure that the players are following the rules (whether they are staff members or not, they have to follow the rules), not disrespecting each other and whatnot, and also I have to make it a server worth playing in for the players. And as a developer, I do know that I have to do quite a lot work to keep the server growing and the players happy, and I am sure I can do it.

Q:Your Age maturity personality and behaviour.

I am almost 15 years old, and I am quite mature when it comes to helping players and making sure they're having fun. I don't take sides in any arguments either, I try to keep it fair, but I know it's not my job to moderate the chat, or punish people, so I keep it verbal.

Q:Is your account Premium/Cracked?

I have a premium Minecraft account (username: RithikthekidMC).

Q:What Mods/Add-ons you use for Minecraft?

I use OptiFine with shaders.