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Builder rank Application form

Hello we are currently in a need of builders, as we are about to launch Skywars and other small minigames in to our network. so we will love to have some buiders to join with us. builders will have worldedit + creative in there working server for example if they are working on a minigame server like skyblock they will get there perms like creative and worldedit in there but the perms will not avilable in Skyblock , Survival , Vanilla and competition still will have the rank with some perks,

Rules of Builder rank

As you get worldedit and creative mode it seems like easy to abuse, but as you may notice in paragraph above you wont be getting any special perms in production server. but also there will be some rules you will have to follow they are as bellow

o Do not add big number in to worldedit
( when doing //set or //replace etc )
o Do not try to crash the server on purpose

Application Layout

1 IGN ( in game name or minecraft username ) :
2 Real name :
3 Contact Details ( such as your Discord or Email ) :
4 Time zone :
5 Are you agreed to take the Builders Test ( Yes/No) :
6 Are you agreed to our server rules and the builder rules (Yes/No) :
7 Attach your previous Builds ( Optional ) :

** You can just enter the number and answer to the question in your own thread you dont need to type the questions again
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Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.