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Hello. I'm here to inform the community about a huge revamp plan.there is going to be a huge permissions and security revamp which will make the following changes.
-Permissions fixed(obviously)
-no unnecessary ranks
-major groups will be Owner Staff Member
-Donor groups will be Elite Legend God OVERLORD.
-mod admin dev CEO founder and other unnecessary ranks removed.
-builders devs admins mods and Helpers will have a common rate k called STAFF.
-Pex commands restricted to ONLY CONSOLE
-opguard plugin being verry effective against force op. We will add it to all servers and enable a password for it so no one can use opguard.
-MeAlien's 2FA AUTH might make its way into our Servers.
-meaning our server will have strict moderation and protection.
-the vps will have a firewall which will allow players to join only through the ip and no other place.

All staff must have Google authenticator app on their phones to create their 2fa auth code.
If the code is put wrong then they will be kicked.

The following changes will be done by the end of May 29 or 30.