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Aug 11, 2018
Bangladesh,Dhaka,Sapra Masjid,18
Minecraft username ( IGN )
Q: Your (REAL) name?


Q: Minecraft Username?


Q: Contact details?

Q: Time zone?


Q: What rank/role are YOU aiming for?


Q: What/Who inspired you to apply for the rank you are aiming for?
I think This Server need a Lot Improvement Im not Saying its bad its really good i love it it needs some improvement i can help the server with that Im playing with my friends also and advertising to other people who are interested in this server i will try my most to make this server great i just wan't to Help the Server To Grow More.
The Community Is not Small Its Really Good There are some Leak to fix i can help you admin and Owners and the staff member to Make it A Good server

Q: Why should we accept you?

I have A lot of Experience to apply in this server so Im going to try a Bit hopefully I will get it but iam a good person people Can trust me.I Don't Break Their Faith on my self i Just Wan't to Help the server to grow Much more better than anything.

Q: previous Experiences?
So i had a server called JarvexCraft it was going Good Before i launch it to the public I had Financial Issues That Stopped me i had over 1200 people on it
but i also didn't got good Suggestion Or Anything people needed i still work on a server but left that a while ago because i had no 9 hours on the server im Very Active But The Server had Rules like Be Active ATLEAST 9 hours i was AFK most Of the Time But i had worked alot caught some hackers and help the people But i left im not gonna tell the server name.

Q: Tell us about Start Moderation management administration and Operating a server.
Im Really Active Because i have not that Studies and other stuff to do but i still work in the server i will prevent it from hackers and Make It Full Of JOY!
People gonna love the server Alot So i wished to be a part of the Staff Member as i will help the server with them.Because i really Wan't to help this server to Make it Great Again!

Q: Your Age maturity personality and behaviour.
Im 14.Born 2004 July 14 now im 14 so.Im Really Mature I don't Talk A Lot Im really helpful to everybody people can trust on me and have faith on me
I don't Swear im Sweet and great Person.

Q: Is your account Premium/Cracked?
My Account Is Premium

Q: What Mods/Add-ons you use for Minecraft?
I like to PVP so i wish these mods not lying
Chroma Hud
As im a youtuber Also i use them because im good at it and i don't wan't my Subscribers to not Trust me.
Thank you!


Staff member
Jun 13, 2018
Minecraft username ( IGN )
Sorry, we are not recruiting staff right now, we will let you know in-case we decide to take you in. Thank you for applying!