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A growing minecraft server. hosted in india. Connect using this ip

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] TaggerNations will be releaced to the public on 25th december 2017 (Christmas)
Tagger nation is the best craked server in world , the admins and the owners are super cool . A long time ago i joined taggernation i was a noob but thanks to Devilstone (BloodySniper), Nighthawk, TbnrJasonYT . They taught me how to be pro I really love them .
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Hey it's the co owner and I had to take this step as there is a new co owner @armxy and as armxy claimed a co owner position he left the manager position. Thus I promoted @MushIsGosu to manager there fore leaving the Assistant manager position very much empty...and I have some people who are capeable/TOTALLY NOT CAPEABLE of this position! They are as follows:
  1. ME (Nighthawk)
  2. LorddirtMC
  3. Smiter
  4. FESAL
  5. _HypeGirl_
  6. Coldnexus
  7. **NONE**
Its up to you guys to decide who will be the Assistant manager or who is capeable of applying for the rank! If you believe you can be capeable of this rank then you may apply by just replying to "what rank you are aiming for?" As A-Manager and answer all questions appropriately. I wish you all good luck! Comment any ONE name from the above list if you think the particular person you commented is capeable for the responsability!