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Guide Staff Rules

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New Updated Staff Rules

A newly updated version of staff rules. if you're a staff already on the server you will be forced to follow these from now. if you looking to apply for staff these are the rules you may follow.

Staff Rules ( Must Follow )
  • No staff can be away more than 5 days, unless told by the Manager, Co-owners, Owner
  • We respect you're doing a community work, but to maintain the server and to get the server bugs to be fixed. we will need to remove you as you have been offline for long time, if your got demoted you have your rights to present us your reason. if its a fare reason you will get the rank back
  • No staff abusement
  • Any abusement on the server will be in result of a ban and remove from staff team
  • Give respect to Members
  • Respecting a Member/player/guest is the important part of being a staff. keep in mind if you...
Guide Format for support thread
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How to ask for Support

Hello people of TaggerNation Support is a important thing in any place. as you may know we(players) did't had a proper way to report a Hakcer/Abuser/Bug or a False ban. of cause we have discord but doing that in the forum its a better way so here we are. You must need to follow the layout of the topic you going for either its a report or asking for support. and your thread must include a prefix that suits your topic. if the prefix is not suitable in anyway for your topic you can leave it without one. sometimes it may take time to review your support thread mostly within 24 hours. you may only post a thread at once. you can only post another thread about a issue after you got a answer to your first thread.



Name(your name) :
IGN(Your IGN) :...​
Guide Standards of Application
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Many players have applied and most of them didn't passed, only some special applications passed.
So Today, this guide is for the "Standards of Application" use.
1. No use of kinky or profanity words in the application.

2.Make sure that you introduce yourself very well in the replyment of "A: Tell almost everything about yourself. (take your time in writing this)Q.5| Why should we accept you?" LINK USED: https://taggernation.com/index.php?threads/discord-staff-application-template-taggernation.112/

3. Minimal grammar/spelling mistakes.

4.No Begging

5.Everyone starts at Helper
Denied Application Reason: (EXAMPLE)
1. Many grammar mistakes
2. Lack of reasons (Main Reason)
3.Not being honest...

The most requested TN update....

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hey guys its Sam_ and im here to announce a verry verry happy news to skyblock players!. skyblock oregen is fixed and is back to its former glory. and the no xp drop from ores like diamond redstone and coal has been fixed! This update brought a lot of ingame game optimizations too! Now skyblock is back to what it was 3 months ago! also I will be focusing on skyblock development too from now on.
This update exists because of the never ending effort of MAACR4350 HibernateMC and many others. I personally thank these people for their effort which will led to more improvements in TN.


Most requested TN update......
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Snapshot server has released currently running with the latest snapshot 18w16a we will keep updating the server to new snapshots come check out the latest minecraft updates in a best server for Indians.

Special commands - /tagger vote_sites

to join: sp.taggernation.com