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Guide Discord Staff application Template | TAGGERNATION

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Q.1| Your Name?

A: Your real life Name. (important)
Q.2| Your Contact IDs?

A: email ID skype facebook instagram snapchat are optional but IMPORTANTLY DISCORD ID is necessary.
Q.3| Discord Nitro or Hypesquad?

A: Do you have Discord Nitro/Hypesquad? we are asking this because some nitro and hypesquad users are prone to go offline due to discord events which they should visit.
Q.4| Information about yourself?

A: Tell almost everything about yourself. (take your time in writing this)
Q.5| Why should we accept you?

A: Give a verry strong explaination on why should we accept you among other applicants....

The most requested TN update....

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hey guys its Sam_ and im here to announce a verry verry happy news to skyblock players!. skyblock oregen is fixed and is back to its former glory. and the no xp drop from ores like diamond redstone and coal has been fixed! This update brought a lot of ingame game optimizations too! Now skyblock is back to what it was 3 months ago! also I will be focusing on skyblock development too from now on.
This update exists because of the never ending effort of MAACR4350 HibernateMC and many others. I personally thank these people for their effort which will led to more improvements in TN.


Most requested TN update......
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Snapshot server has released currently running with the latest snapshot 18w16a we will keep updating the server to new snapshots come check out the latest minecraft updates in a best server for Indians.

Special commands - /tagger vote_sites

to join: sp.taggernation.com
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Hello. I'm here to inform the community about a huge revamp plan.there is going to be a huge permissions and security revamp which will make the following changes.
-Permissions fixed(obviously)
-no unnecessary ranks
-major groups will be Owner Staff Member
-Donor groups will be Elite Legend God OVERLORD.
-mod admin dev CEO founder and other unnecessary ranks removed.
-builders devs admins mods and Helpers will have a common rate k called STAFF.
-Pex commands restricted to ONLY CONSOLE
-opguard plugin being verry effective against force op. We will add it to all servers and enable a password for it so no one can use opguard.
-MeAlien's 2FA AUTH might make its way into our Servers.
-meaning our server will have strict moderation and protection.
-the vps will have a firewall which will allow players to join only through the ip and no other place.

All staff must have Google authenticator app on their phones to create their 2fa auth code.
If the code is put wrong then they will be...
Guide Builder Application
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Builder rank Application form

Hello we are currently in a need of builders, as we are about to launch Skywars and other small minigames in to our network. so we will love to have some buiders to join with us. builders will have worldedit + creative in there working server for example if they are working on a minigame server like skyblock they will get there perms like creative and worldedit in there but the perms will not avilable in Skyblock , Survival , Vanilla and competition still will have the rank with some perks,

Rules of Builder rank

As you get worldedit and creative mode it seems like easy to abuse, but as you may notice in paragraph above you wont be getting any special perms in production server. but also there will be some rules you will have to follow they are as bellow

o Do not add big number in to worldedit