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Staff update & Youtuber update & Server banner

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Staff update
I would like you to announce that you're staff application will be reviewed within 2-3 weeks. We do not give our easy ranks and we choose staffs wisely. We will open Staff application when our server is finished. Within those 2-3 weeks we would like to see your activity, know this server more, and make sure your application keeps up your promise.

Youtuber update
For youtubers. You will apply by sending an email to - recton1908@gmail.com. This will be the format. important

* IGN -
* Why do you want it -
* How many subscribers -
* Upload schedule / plan -
* what's you youtube about - minecraft (MUST)

I do not want to repeat this. Everyone has been asking me stupid questions. Please read before you ask me.

Server banner

post by recton3

A Trailer for TaggerNation

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I'm happy to announce about a Trailer for TaggerNation. by a growing Youtuber TheWaterPython X And Edited by TheConfusedDonut . they have done there best for this. Lets support them for there growth on Youtube


** Please do remember not to troll anyone, as they have less subscribers. you will regret someday if you did now **


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I'm happy to announce about more easy voting wbsite using iframe. this is a small update for those who been lazy to load all websites (xd) . Please vote and remember to disable your AdBlock on this website.

Vote link ---> http://taggernation.com/vote/
** If you dont see any vote websites. remove https and make it http **

thank you

Staff application & Staff Promotion

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Amount of the staffs on the server going high day by day without any use of them. i think its time to stop the staff application for a while. as the staff applications are closed. people who have a staff rank already in the server have to wait for your next promotions

Staff Promotion

As i say wait for your promotion. it will be a test for you to understand the people around you and who is and are your higher staff. take a look on how promotions work

  • Helper To Trail-Mod : 3 Weeks
  • Trail-Mod to Mod : 1 Week
  • Mod to Admin : Depends on how you work
Promotions after admin will be given by owners as you have gained there trust and friendship.

**Assistant manager applications open**

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Hey it's the co owner and I had to take this step as there is a new co owner @armxy and as armxy claimed a co owner position he left the manager position. Thus I promoted
@MushIsGosu to manager there fore leaving the Assistant manager position very much empty...and I have some people who are capeable/TOTALLY NOT CAPEABLE of this position! They are as follows:

  1. ME (Nighthawk)
  2. LorddirtMC
  3. Smiter
  4. FESAL
  5. _HypeGirl_
  6. Coldnexus
  7. **NONE**
Its up to you guys to decide who will be the Assistant manager or who is capeable of applying for the rank! If you believe you can be capeable of this rank then you may apply by just replying to "what rank you are aiming for?" As A-Manager and answer all questions appropriately. I wish you all good luck!

Comment any ONE name from the above list if you think the particular person you commented is capeable for the responsability!