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Solved Staff Application Closing in 1/4/2018

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Hey there, I'm Internotice aka CasuallyCrying. This thread is about the staff application being closed in 1/4/2018. Due to having too much staffs, Whoever posts a staff application when the thread didn't expires, it will be REJECTED. Sorry for all of the inconvenience. For now, we aren't recruiting staffs, we'll see when do we have to recruit more staffs to the staff team.
Anyways have a nice day TN Players!

PLANS FOR THE UPCOMING UPDATES------[by the end of april]

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hey TN members!

as you all know about TN and its recent growth to 10 players at peek.we can conclude that "TN has grown(barely)"
we want it to hit 50 and above so we aka myself and Edward made a plan

1.we inform the community about the following changes.
2.we create a new skyblock server with updated and optimized skyblock mechanics
3.we remove the old skyblock within april 30 or may 1
4.empty servers will be removed example factions
5.minor optimizations to server mechanics.
6.at last we keep the following servers:
7.we make the network 1.8 to 1.12 again!
8.donations will open once we hit 30 regular players.
9.expansion of staff can start when we hit 100 players and above.
10.we (owners) take some rest and let the server run for a while and we play with you guys xd no more being godly :eek:

[COLOR=rgb(255, 255...
New website!
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We trying to make everything changed and make people easy with our server TaggerNations. this is a small another update on website we need your feedback about this website to fix issues or make it better. use discord or forums to make your suggestions

Discord server : https://discord.gg/Ujd3S7

Forums : http://taggernation.com/index.php?forums/main-forum.2/

Planned updates for the website

* Better staff application
* Better report system
* Minecraft character linking system
* Better control over server ( for staff )
* Online ban list and leader boards
* more to come

you may have noticed there is the logo is missing. that because we have planned for a better logo crafted by over hands.

**Please use forums to add more suggestions about the website and the server

Helper applications open/new staff policies [2018]

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Hey it's Nighthawk
And this is a post regarding:

Helper applications and STAFF POLICIES

As you all know we are opening applications for helper and NO OTHER RANK

Because of the shortage of USRFUL

I'm here to inform you that apply if you think you can DO SOMTHING ON TN rather than waste our time.

Don't apply with stupid answers.

That's all for helper.

Staff policies:

This is extremely IMPORTANT!

Try to fix any bug you find and if your effort ends unsuccessful then report to the higher authorities like manager developer etc and DO NOT REPORT TO OWNERS!

We have plenty of other stuff to do while we are gone.

Members have full authority to report any foul behaviour you inhabit and any high profile major issue should NOT be reported PUBLICLY.

Report major issues to owners / developers via DM in discord and not in server.

Breaking rules = punishment Evan for STAFF

Keep the promises you make in your application till the end.


Staff update & Youtuber update & Server banner

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Staff update
I would like you to announce that you're staff application will be reviewed within 2-3 weeks. We do not give our easy ranks and we choose staffs wisely. We will open Staff application when our server is finished. Within those 2-3 weeks we would like to see your activity, know this server more, and make sure your application keeps up your promise.

Youtuber update
For youtubers. You will apply by sending an email to - recton1908@gmail.com. This will be the format. important

* IGN -
* Why do you want it -
* How many subscribers -
* Upload schedule / plan -
* what's you youtube about - minecraft (MUST)

I do not want to repeat this. Everyone has been asking me stupid questions. Please read before you ask me.

Server banner

post by recton3