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Staff update I would like you to announce that you're staff application will be reviewed within 2-3 weeks. We do not give our easy ranks and we choose staffs wisely. We will open Staff application when our server is finished. Within those 2-3 weeks we would like to see your activity, know this server more, and make sure your application keeps up your promise. Youtuber update For youtubers. You will apply by sending an email to - recton1908@gmail.com. This will be the format. important * IGN - * Why do you want it - * How many subscribers - * Upload schedule / plan - * what's you youtube about - minecraft (MUST) I do not want to repeat this. Everyone has been asking me stupid questions. Please read before you ask me. Server banner post by recton3
hello I'm happy to announce about a Trailer for TaggerNation. by a growing Youtuber TheWaterPython X And Edited by TheConfusedDonut . they have done there best for this. Lets support them for there growth on Youtube VIDEO ** Please do remember not to troll anyone, as they have less subscribers. you will regret someday if you did now **
hello I'm happy to announce about more easy voting wbsite using iframe. this is a small update for those who been lazy to load all websites (xd) . Please vote and remember to disable your AdBlock on this website. Vote link ---> http://taggernation.com/vote/ ** If you dont see any vote websites. remove https and make it http ** thank you
Hello Amount of the staffs on the server going high day by day without any use of them. i think its time to stop the staff application for a while. as the staff applications are closed. people who have a staff rank already in the server have to wait for your next promotions Staff Promotion As i say wait for your promotion. it will be a test for you to understand the people around you and who is and are your higher staff. take a look on how promotions work
  • Helper To Trail-Mod : 3 Weeks
  • Trail-Mod to Mod : 1 Week
  • Mod to Admin : Depends on how you work
Promotions after admin will be given by owners as you have gained there trust and friendship.
Hey its Nighthawk(sam) and im shouting out a great staff and you know who he is! Its Recton3(Armxy) I my self still remember the first day he joined and he was at his best behaviour! Which is hard to find in most members.let recton3 aka Armxy be a role model to all staff and members of this community! I admit that he is better than me aka sam in every way possible! :) and im happy about that! I have to bid fairwell to a member who is poppular among TN. I personally feel sorry for the demotion of a former co owner aka Elik666 who has good memories as a friend. Unfortunately he left minecraft and left us to carry on our journey to becoming world no.1 alone. But we aren't alone! In fact every staff member is responsable for every great milestone of TN as they do their part to make the server grow! Fairwell former co owner friend member and staff Elik666! You will always be remembered.... ~Nighthawk(Sam) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
hello, Im happy to today we launch the server fully for public. we hope to get help from all the people to grow in a good way. thank you!
hello, TaggerNation is officially Releasing today (2017/12/25). but the server have much work to be done. before fixing any bugs in server software and plugins. we like to give some warnings and announcements to our staff. If your already a staff on TaggerNation this is important, and if your hoping to apply for staff keep this in mind. Staff Rules ( Must Follow )
  • No staff can be away more than 5 days, unless told by the Manager, Co-owners, Owner
  • We respect your doing a comunity work, but to maintain the server and to get the server bugs to be fixed. we will need to remove you as you have been offline for long time, if your got demoted you have your rights to present us your reason. if its a fare reason you will get the rank back
  • No staff abusement
  • Any abusement on the server will be in result of a ban and remove from staff team
  • Give respect to Members
  • Respecting a Member/player/guest is the important part of being a staff. keep in mind if your forgot to give respect to a member/player/guest you will get removed from staff in the moment of report.
  • Act mature when your on duty
  • We dont mind if you have a good time on the server with your friend or someone . but when your on duty we request you to be acting more mature to maintain a good respect around.
  • No use of any swear words
  • Any rank you have. you are not allowed to use swear words or any inappropriate words
  • Don't blame other staff member, you have the responsibilty as-well
  • Get your works done in time.
These are a small part that you must follow on the server as a staff. if any of these got broken we must have to take a choice on you. thank you, your buddy !
hello, this is a small message, we need your support in all manner. And I recommend you to not use a adblock on this website. As we have no donations store yet. A small money from ads help us to run the server thank you,
hello, I'm bloodysniper aka hawksston. And we taggernationd having trouble these days without a proper protection. On server side (Linux). We/me looking for a developer who can manage to configure a control panel to our server. And a person who can develop plugins. As these days I'm (bloodysniper) have no time to work on the server. I like to a point someone who good at this. It maybe a new person or a old person. * what you will get - full SSH access anytime (I think having ssh will give you all.) * keep in mind - destroying server files won't make any damage to us. As we have backup always . - leaking server files also will not a damage to us. . - using our server files to your own personal servers is prohibited the person who trying apply for this rank/position must apply normally on staff application section . Link --> https://taggernation.com/index.php?forums/staff-application.5/ . - the application must be full with mature answers good luck! if you have more questions contact bloody sniper on forum thank you! Your buddy
As you know we started again with a new name (TaggerNations). Im (bloodySniper) i think if we start a good team the server will be last for a long time. for that we will be requesting Builders and Developers. so if you interested please follow these Steps * For Developer
  • Developers no need to be expert in cording. but they must good with configuring Plugins and maintain them
  • Developers must not take advantage with there permissions to access server Files as a result you will be banned and the files you have messed with will be restored!
  • Developers will be treated as a admin in server. so they will have same Admin Rank and a suffix as [D]
  • Admins will not get any access to server files so take this chances to be a Developer
  • keep in mind you must agree to work on this server at anytime
  • Keep in mind you will never use your power without permission
* For builders
  • Applying for Builders will be give you a respected rank in the server.
  • Rank will Have Full access to World Edit and in some servers you will have access to voxel sniper
  • Your rank will be member but the suffix will be . for sure you will get a special Member rank ( that no other has ) [*]Builders are the most respected People in the server/Discord and Website
keep in mind as you apply for this application you will agree to all these above. Thank you for your time. your buddy BoodySniper